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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the stuff you need to do and you don’t know where to start?   Or do you ever feel like you’ve been busy all day long but didn’t actually get much done? I get that way sometimes.  And for some reason when I get stressed I tend to clean…which is not always a bad thing because I like my house to be clean, but it usually isn’t the best use of my time when I have a lot of other things that I need to be doing.

One way we can help stay better focused and actually accomplish some of our projects and goals is to write our own job description.  Start by listing out your responsibilities and tasks you need to accomplish.

My list for my career coaching and speaking business included:

            Grow / Learn: read blogs, podcasts, TED talks, Platform University

            Create / Give: write blogs, videos, workshops

            Market/ Network: advertise, connect, book events

            Speak / Coach:  my actual fun “work” activities

Then analyze your schedule and work habits and assign your tasks to the best time slot.

Mine is here:

             Mornings: productive, active, energetic

                        Quiet time to focus

                        Do creative work / blogging

                        Network/ connect / book events

            Afternoons: usually less engaged mentally

                        Do busy work-  run errands, laundry, cleaning, etc

                        Exercise with podcasts

            Evenings: usually rather passive

                        Growing/ Learning: watch TED talks, Platform University

I’ve also found that To-Do Lists help keep me focused.  So when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed I write out everything I need to get done and start ruthlessly working through it so I can cross stuff off my list.  There’s something quite addicting about crossing stuff off a To-Do list.  Lately I’m trying to make my list the night before so I wake up with a plan and don’t spend 2 or 3 hours busy but not productive.  It’s easy to find stuff to do, but without a plan sometimes you never get to the most important tasks.

One last thought:  pay attention to your most common time wasters-  checking e-mail, facebook, tv, whatever- know where you tend to get stuck and plan accordingly.  But don’t waste your most productive hours on activities with low returns.  Be intentional with your time so you can make the most of it in a focused organized way and avoid the frantic rushing around with little direction or accomplishment.

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One thought on “Write your own Job Description

  1. Boy no wonder I don’t get anything accomplished on the weekends. This is what I learned today:
    1. Without a plan, I can find stuff to do, but I might not get around to the most important tasks. (Could that be my way of stalling???)
    2. I should be intentional about my time so that I make the most of it in a “focused organized way”. I attempt to operate in the frantic, rushing around state with little direction or accomplishment. (Oh Lord help me be focused and organized – I may need Ritalin.)
    3. Make my list of productive tasks that I need to accomplish the night before and stick to the plan. (Don’t get sidetracked when you get bored with the tasks at hand and then run away.)