Recent Statistics on College & Career Planning

cgUnemployment rates as of March 2015:

High School Dropout: 8.6%

High school graduates with no college: 5.3%

Associate’s degree or some college: 4.8%

Bachelor’s degree or higher: 2.5%

Approximately 44% of college graduates are unable to find a job in their chosen profession and take jobs in unrelated fields.  (This is often referred to as  underemployement.)

Many college students change majors three to five times- extending the four year degree to closer to six years.

The average college student graduates with about $29,000 of student loans.

The national ratio of counselors to students in schools is 471:1.

Career Coaching can help high school and college students prepare more efficiently for the college and career process than just letting them figure things out on their own.  For more information on Career Coaching with Jennifer please click here.

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One thought on “Recent Statistics on College & Career Planning

  1. Even adults need help with career coaching as things change so fast and the economy often forces you from one field to another. Wonder why there is such a shortage of career counselors in high schools. You would think that that would be something all high schools would have in place. Go figure!