Before The Launch – Preparing Students for Life after High School

I’m Jennifer Warren and I’m a Certified Career Coach who specializes in helping high school and college students navigate through the college and career planning process.   I work with students through group workshops and one-on-one career coaching.  My workshops help students clarify their goals for their future and create a plan for reaching those goals.

Topics covered include:

  • personality type,
  • career options,
  • college prep,
  • job market trends, and
  • increasing marketability in the job search.

I became a Certified Career Coach after working as a Registered Nurse for two years in a very stressful job environment.  During these two years I realized that life is too short to hate your job and I became a career coach to help students through the challenging and sometimes confusing process of life after high school.  My goal is to help students discover their passion and purpose and prepare for a successful future as an independent adult.  Please contact me for more information about career coaching packages or having me speak for your student group.