Not Quite Perfect


Often we have high (sometimes unrealistically high) expectations of how our life “should” be – which can leave us frequently disappointed when our reality doesn’t match up. But reality is that life is crazy sometimes, and really hard other times and seldom perfect for anyone for long.  There are always issues and when you get those issues resolved there will be new ones.  Life is dynamic, fluid, always changing.  We’re always learning, growing and seeing the world in new ways.

So if perfection is so difficult do we quit trying? No, but we also learn to love the imperfections, to celebrate today, to live now- not to put off joy until this happens or that happens or we finally achieve _______ .

So don’t stop dreaming and working toward your goals, but don’t put you life on hold until everything is perfectly organized – because it may never be- but it can still be beautiful.

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One thought on “Not Quite Perfect

  1. Liked the post…mainly because I am so far from perfection…and it gives me hope! I agree that we need to live in the present because essentially that is all we really have. We are not promised tomorrow so live and love today as if there were no tomorrow!