Jumpstart your Summer

Happy Summer!!!  It’s June 1st and school is out for most students!  What do you have planned for your summer months?

While it’s great to have some fun down time to hang out with friends, the summer months also give teens a lot more free time then they usually have during the school year.  For some teens this extra time can lead to trouble (with the most teen wrecks happening during the summer months).   For others, this extra time may just mean a lot more time for video games or snapchat.

But summer is also a great time for teens to get a jumpstart on their college and career plans.   Listed below are a few great activities to help you make the most of your summer break.

  1. Get a summer job or volunteer in a field of interest. One of the best ways to see if a career possibility is a good fit is to spend some time working in that field, observing the daily work flow, and meeting people who are doing what you’re interested in.   So before you head off to the mall to fill out 50 applications for retail and fast food locations, consider looking for openings in a field you actually want to work in for a few years.  These summer jobs are also great resume builders and can lead to full-time positions through networking relationships.
  2. Take a personality assessment. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to career options I always recommend taking the Holland Assessment to review some career options that would fit your personality type. While there are many other useful personality assessments you can take I have found the Holland Assessment to be helpful due to it’s simplicity and the immediate career options to consider as results.  (Link here) 
  3. Research college options. Once you have decided on a career path you’d like to pursue you can start researching what colleges or additional training options would best prepare you for work in this field.  Campus visits can be a great way to get a feel for the college when you have your options narrowed down– but most of your initial research can be done online.  A few helpful websites:
  1. Work with a Career Coach. Career Coaches help students discover a career field that would be a good fit for their unique personality and also help students who are already educated in their chosen field prepare for a successful job search.   Typical coaching relationships can vary depending on the clients goals, but I typically recommend 3 meetings with my clients initially.   (See some FAQ’s on Career Coaching here.)

I hope these suggestions have given you some fun and productive ideas for your summer- enjoy the break from the daily routine of school and take advantage of your extra time to prepare yourself for your future.


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