Career Coaching FAQ’s:


What is a Career Coach?

A career coach is someone who is trained to help others navigate through the career planning process successfully.


What kind of training did you receive?

To become a Certified Career Coach I went through a certification program with the Career Coach Institute which included trainings, personal study, a final exam and practice coaching sessions.  I also attend coach training events for continuing education credits needed for certification renewal.


What topics do you cover in Career Coaching?

Topics covered in Career Coaching sessions include:

-Life & career goals

-Career options for personality types (using the Holland Code)

-Skills & interests inventories

-College or training options

-Job market trends

-Gaining experience on the job

-Increasing marketability in the job search

-Resumes, LinkedIN, and interview preparation


Who is Career Coaching for?

I specialize in working with high school and college aged students who are making college and career related decisions.  I also work with adults who want to make a career change.


How does Career Coaching work?

Career Coaching is typically done one-on-one with a career coach and a client either in person or via phone or Skype.  Sessions are typically one hour with homework projects given between sessions.   I can also do group coaching sessions (usually less than 12 clients) or workshops on Career Planning for larger groups.


How do you charge for Career Coaching?

I offer two coaching packages, both include 4 coaching sessions are they are $500 each or both for $875.

  • The Discovery Package includes a personality assessment and covers skills and interests, goals, education and career options, and crafting a plan for the future.
  • The Action Package covers assistance crafting a resume, increasing marketability in a job search, and interview skills.
  • The Jumpstart Workshop is a 4 hour half-day planning session which can be tailored to best meet the individual’s clients needs and is $500.

Prices vary on group coaching and workshops, please e-mail for more information.


Why work with a Career Coach? 

Career Coaching can help shorten and clarify the college and career process.  This clarity can also save significant amounts of college funds as it helps reduce the amount of time students are in school.  A lot of students graduating high school aren’t sure what they want to do in their future and this often results in students changing majors multiple times in college, dropping out before they graduate or being unable to find a good job in their career field after they do graduate.  Better planning before college can help make this transition from high school to adulthood smoother and more successful.   (Click here to read some recent statistics on college students and career planning.)


How did you get started in Career Coaching?

I struggled greatly with figuring out what to do with my life after high school.  I had a ton of creative ideas that ranged from being an astronaut to a fashion designer to a zookeeper- but no real practical plans when it came to a stable career path.  My parents recommended becoming a nurse and since I didn’t have any better ideas that’s what I did.  But I never felt that nursing was a good fit for me and my first 2 years as an RN were proof of that.  I felt strongly during those 2 years that there had to be a better way to do life and I started researching career planning.  I discovered the field of career coaching and felt that this was a way I could help others avoid some of the stress I experienced in my career path.


What perspective do you coach from? 

My foundational belief with career coaching is that God created each of us with a unique personality and purpose and it is my goal to help clients discover their God given gifts and passion.  I strive to help my clients find the perfect career path for them- and to find a job they both love and can make a living doing.  I believe the best way to motivate students is to help them find their passion and purpose and set them on a path to making their dreams reality.



“Jennifer sparked awesome student involvement and interaction in her Career Planning presentation today- she is friendly, engages with the students, and shares very well thought out information.  She covered every aspect of career planning and each topic was valuable and presented in a way that was easy for the students to relate to and understand. I recommend Jennifer’s Career Planning workshops for other high schools because it is important for students to begin this planning early so they have a goal in mind when planning for college and careers.”

–Ms. Beckert, High School Teacher FBISD


“I would like to thank you for the awesome presentation today at Marshall High School.   I really enjoyed your material and the delivery.  Your presentation kept the students engaged more than any other presenter that have spoken to them. The students enjoyed it and one of the students even made the comment ‘when is she going to come back?’  It has been a pleasure to work with you.”   

-Ms. Hicks, High School Teacher FBISD


“We enjoyed your visit and your message. The young people we deal with are amongst the most misguided and needy of the message. I think the presentation was insightful and most importantly let them know that a future is possible.”   

-Mr. Dobbs, Probation Officer, Juvenile Detention Center


“Career coaching has been very enjoyable and I am already benefiting from it.  It helped me plan out how to obtain my goals in small, do-able steps.”    

-James, High School Student


“Your workshop gave me a more solidified look at the immediate future and reinforced the importance of the decisions I make during these critical years.”  

-David, High School Senior


“This workshop gave me a head start on what to expect in life after high school.” 

-Cole, High School Senior


“Your presentation was funny and kept me interested the entire time; your personality is amazing.”  

-Jorge, High School Student


“I loved your presentation and it really motivated me!  Thank you so much!”

-Natalie, High School Student


“Your workshop really helped me organize my thoughts on my future.” 

-Briana, High School Student 

For more information on Career Coaching with Jennifer, please e-mail


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